Mission and Vision


Universidad Pedagógica Nacional (UPN) educates human beings, as individuals and teachers, professional educators and educational stakeholders to serve the Nation and the World in all levels of the education system and the entire population taking into account their heterogeneity. 

UPN researches, generates and disseminates educational, pedagogical, didactical and professional teaching knowledge, and contributes to the public policymaking of education. 

UPN bases its action on education of children, youth and adults from their heterogeneity with a global awareness, seeking identity and national development. 

UPN strengthens a straight and ongoing interaction with society to contribute towards a nation and region building based on dialogue with the rest of educational institutions, teachers, social organizations and educational officers to generate educational policies and development plans in different settings. 

From this perspective, UPN works for education as a fundamental right and an educational culture that guides future of our country. Consequently, according to their origins and trajectory, it is committed to build an Educational and Pedagogical Project of the Nation.


Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, an institution linked to the State Higher Education System whose head office will be located in Valmaría, will be recognized by the state and the national and international society as an educational community of highly intellectual, scientific, ethical and aesthetic level, focused on: 

  • Training teachers and educational stakeholders with the ability to understand and transform their own contexts. 
  • Leading dynamics towards a social value of the teaching profession, the research and production of teaching, educational, pedagogical and didactical knowledge regarding the historical, political, social, intercultural and ethnic and environmental diversity issues at domestic, national, Latin American and world level. 
  • Generating a critical pedagogical thinking and education of citizens who will be aware of their commitment to build the future.