A new generation of teachers arrives at UPN

The first semester students of the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional gathered in a room where they began to make their dream of becoming teachers come true.
Adolfo León Atehortúa Cruz, Rector (e) of the institution, greeted the students with emotional words of congratulations to those who have the privilege of entering the Great House of Education in Colombia.

Participantes en la reunión de la Universidad Pedagógica Nacional y diferentes representantes de municipios

The UPN continues to strengthen its regional presence

A meeting with the mayors of the provinces of Tequendama and Almeidas, department of Cundinamarca, was held at the UPN facilities on Calle 72, with the purpose of bringing UPN higher education to their communities, starting next semester.

Fotografía de personajes involucrados en el Proyecto Wayra desarrollado en las instalaciones de Valmaría, socializando las actividades de integración realizadas con la comunidad.

Wayra: A pedagogical commitment with environmental and intergenerational impact

Wayra is an educational project of the Faculty of Physical Education of the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional. It was born in 2008 to combine a proposal open to the public, the university community, people from the surrounding neighborhoods, but also members of institutions who want to live the experience of approaching diverse types of crops, combining agriculture, environment, recreation, and leisure.

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