Carlos Fernando Galán, the elected mayor of Bogotá, a former student of the Instituto Pedagógico Nacional, visited the school facilities


The elected mayor of Bogotá, Carlos Fernando Galán, a former student of the Instituto Pedagógico Nacional, visited today the school facilities to give his first exclusive interview to La Voz del Pedagógico and the school newspaper Carpe Diem, with some country’s media there.

In this space, he expressed his pride in having been part of the IPN family and stated that his time at this institution has been fundamental in his life and it is very special to him being on its radio station talking, as his first media after the election of Bogota people.

In addition, he called for students to persevere to achieve their dreams and understand that with conviction, commitment and discipline they can achieve their goals, as in his case, winning the elections the third time.

Issues such as his motivation to run for mayor, public parks, security, the development of the town of Usaquén, transport, public services, education access and school governance were discussed in this space.

On the other hand, he committed to make the necessary procedures easier to complete the outstanding constructions required by the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, and to restore the locomotive in the school facilities to commemorate the 100 years the Institute will celebrate in 2027.

It is important to highlight that the future mayor of Bogotá will monitor compliance with the bill that he promoted from the Senate of the Republic, and that he authorized the National Government, so that the Ministry of Finance allocate the necessary budget for the operation from the Instituto Pedagógico Nacional to the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, as well as the requirement for the furtherance, promotion, protection, conservation, spreading, development and financing of the pedagogical heritage of the institute.

The community of the Casa Grande de la Pedagogía wishes him success in his administration and reiterates its willingness to continue working to achieve quality training for new generations of the Capital.

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