The State University System (SUE) Sports Tournament for officers has kicked off


The Sports and Recreation Program of the Student Welfare Subdirectorate announces to the entire community that the State University System (SUE) Sports Tournament for officers has begun on May 18th and various teams of our university will participate. It is important to note that the SUE is responsible for evaluating the performance of Public Higher Education Institutions.

Players of tejo, minitejo, field tennis, duathlon, chess, basketball, soccer, futsal, and volleyball will come from universities belonging to the SUE Capital District. They will gather to compete and form bonds through sports.

José Barón, an administrative technician at UPN, is a player on the mixed volleyball team and appreciates the opportunity UPN provides for employees to enjoy leisure activities and take a break from work.

In fact, Miguel Ariza, an assistant to the Higher Education and Academic Council and a player on the men’s soccer team, believes this tournament is beneficial to both the officers and the university as it provides a recreational opportunity to meet other peers.

While Ismael Castiblanco, a temporary employee of the Secretary General who plays on the basketball team, said: “This tournament is amazing. I signed up because I love basketball and sports in general. These events contribute to the well-being of the entire University community, and I am happy to see that they continue to promote educational development through sports.”

Our best wishes to those who have been part of this sport and leisure event!