Celebrating 20 years paving the way for education through “Historias con Futuro”


The Sub-directorate of Educational Resources celebrated the 20th anniversary of our “Historias con Futuro” institutional program, with a moving commemorative event.

For 20 years, the different chapters of this audiovisual product have constituted the memories of the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, reflecting what education has been going through, but also future plans and expectations.

The experiences, interviews, documents and impact in the territories have made this program a benchmark in the production of educational material, being a fair sample of the technological changes in recent years, evolving from an analog to digital format.

The shared stories have contributed to build the core of Colombian education, exploring University from various perspectives and taking into account the different participants from the training in our country.

Within the framework of this event, the Rector (e) Alexander Cely and the Academic Vice-Rector Yeimi Cárdenas Palermo thanked the work of the members from the Subdirectorate team, who give their best for a quality production and with an impact on society.

In addition, he gave recognition to each of these people who make a high-quality audiovisual product behind the scenes, sharing their knowledge in production, animation, editing and research.

Within this space, assistant director of Educational Resources Patricia Galindo recalled in her words, how 20 years ago, she embarked on this project that was growing step by step and being today recognized nationally, despite not having the proper tools, due to her passion.

The attendees enjoyed the screening of the documentary “20 Años Tejiendo Historias con Futuro” (“20 Years Weaving Stories with a Future”) which shows all the launched programs and a tribute to the participants in different roles, and how this audiovisual production has adapted to new requirements over time.

Furthermore, four professors from the university were also invited to the Discussion “El Papel del audiovisual en la educadora de educadores” (“The Role of Audiovisuals in the Educator of Educators”), talking about the development of this language and its contribution to teaching, taking into account its impact on the new generations. There was also a beautiful musical performance by Mauricio Solano, guitar student of the Bachelor of Music.

Finally, attendees could shared a piece of cake that could not be left on a birthday party. As a gift, they also received a plant that symbolizes all those stories with a Future that have been growing through these years.

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