Panamanian teachers come to IPN for an educational experience


On February 14 and 15, 2024, the Instituto Pedagógico Nacional was visited by a delegation of fifteen teachers from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Panama. They came to learn about some of the pedagogical and research issues that are part of our Institute’s educational project.

This experience allowed them to get to know the history of the School, an activity that was led by Professor Margarita Misas, Academic Coordinator of Elementary and Middle School Education. Professor Margarita gave the participants a tour of the IPN and also shared her experience as a graduate of the Institute.

They also took part in a workshop about waste given by Professors César Salcedo, Sebastián Ramírez and Dayana Bejarano, entitled “Pacas”. Construction of Silva digester bales. SICAE.” Teachers had the opportunity to participate in a training session of the Pedagogy Program on School and School Culture by Professor Jhon Henry Orozco.

The IPN also presented the Special Education and Contextualization section of the Network for Innovation and Exchange of Pedagogical Experiences (RIIEP, its original acronym) and the Internationalization Project. This was an activity led by the professors of the Bachelor of Philosophy of the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, Víctor Espinosa, and Alexandra Arias, supported by Bachelor students who participated in the organization. This experience made it possible to learn about projects and strengthen IPN networks in an international context.