UPN workers gathered to begin their work


The Universidad Pedagógica Nacional began a new academic semester by welcoming the collaborators who make possible the operation of the model institution of pedagogy.

During this activity, everyone listened attentively to the report of the Rector, Adolfo León Atehortúa Cruz, who presented the current situation of the University and the challenges of building a space based on dignity and respect.

Some topics discussed during this meeting, which officially kicked off the administrative work for 2024, included infrastructure, funding, free education, coverage, virtual education, quality, and budget.

On the other hand, Magda Patricia Bogotá, Vice Rector for University Management, thanked for the acceptance of the invitation to this space and emphasized that her team is ready to work for a better University and at the disposal of the community.

Afterwards, Yaneth Romero Coca, Vice Rector for Administration and Finance, greeted her colleagues. She reiterated that this unit should work towards the mission of the University and wished everyone a fruitful and beneficial year 2024. Also, during the event, Maria Camila Leal, member of the Gender and Care Program of the Sub-Directorate of University Welfare, presented the UPN Protocol for the Prevention, Attention and Punishment of Gender Violence. The purpose of the presentation was to socialize this tool, which aims to address any gender-based violence within the institution.

Diana Constanza Sánchez, from the Office of Internal Control, said that the event was remarkably interesting because she was able to access information that she did not know or had no concrete data about.

Finally, there were recreational and sports activities, such as precision shooting, balance, darts, frog, triqui, etc. where the different work teams could have fun, share, and demonstrate their skills.