UPN’s teachers welcomed a new semester


A fraternal welcome was given to the teachers who have accepted the challenge of training the new generation of Colombian teachers in this new academic semester.

Adolfo León Atehortúa Cruz, Rector (e), expressed in this meeting some emotional words in which he expressed his joy and good spirit at the beginning of this period 2024-1.

He also introduced his team, composed by Magda Patricia Bogotá, Vice Rector for University Management; Jairo Alejandro Fernández, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs; and Yaneth Romero Coca, Vice Rector for Administration and Finance. He also outlined the critical challenges he intends to meet during his rectorate.

Lina Hernández, professor of Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education, said it is gratifying to be back on track, reunited with her colleagues, and ready for the new learning challenges that come with a new semester.

Aleyda Gutiérrez, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, said about this event that “… the projection of the work at the beginning of 2024 is very important, I hope that everything will be the best for our University.”

It is worth noting that the UPN Protocol for the Prevention, Attention and Punishment of Gender-Based Violence was socialized, issue by issue, during the day, emphasizing the commitment of the institution and its teachers to punish and restore the victims against this type of situation.

Participants were also able to enjoy some traditional games and a skills area where they could have fun with their colleagues, win prizes and learn more about the institution.