Valmaría’s facilities opened doors to a new generation of educators


A welcoming ceremony was held for the students from the Valmaría institutions who will be studying to become Physical Education, Sports, and Recreation teachers in the new academic semester.

Adolfo León Atehortúa Cruz, Rector of the UPN, addressed the meeting, welcoming those present and pointing out the improvements that need to be made to these facilities as a matter of priority, promising to demonstrate with facts the importance of the Physical Education Department during his term in office.

Víctor Hugo Durán Camelo, Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education, expressed his lofty expectations for this new academic cycle. He made it clear that he expects positive news for those who live in this area, located in the north of the city of Bogotá. He also stressed the importance of the culture promoted in Valmaria, as a spirit of what they are, as a community and as a disciplinary knowledge.

On the other hand, Carolina Pérez Siabato, Assistant Director of University Welfare, welcomed the students and reiterated that they will have basic health care and the opportunity to participate in the various programs offered by this agency, which will ensure that they are in excellent conditions during their time at UPN.

In addition, Michael Ramirez, a first semester student of Physical Education, said during the event that he found his university to be a remarkably interesting place and that he felt extremely comfortable during the day. The future teachers kicked off a semester in which challenge and learning will be a constant driving force with a morning full of surprises, sports activities, and laughter.