Mathematics and Dance Serving the New Generations

María del Carmen Contreras Flórez, a graduate of the bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and the specialization in Mathematics Education at the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, has devoted over 15 years to teaching mathematics to the new generations.

Transforming Lives to the Sound of the Clarinet

Francisco Javier Rivera Montoya, a clarinet professor at the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, fell in love with music and teaching from a young age. Consequently, he pursued his studies at the Conservatory of Music at the National University of Colombia and decided to become a professional clarinetist.

“Posthumanism and Critical Pedagogy. Posthuman: the perspective of Rosi Braidotti”

The event “Posthumanism and Critical Pedagogy” was held at the National Pedagogical University. Posthuman: the perspective of Rosi Braidotti”, with the participation of the philosopher and research professor Adrián Perea, who is a member of the decent team of the Doctorate in Social Studies of the Universidad Distrital (District University), Francisco José de Caldas, PhD in philosophy.