UPN Mountain Bike Team obtained several achievements

On October 28, interuniversity mountain bike racing SUE took place within the Universidad Nacional facilities, in which various universities from the Capital participated. The racing format was the eliminator, a very short intense track with five first participants from each starting group selected to define the winners in a final competition. This time, the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional won all the gold medals in the different categories:
P1: Natalia Duarte (Mountain Bike Team Coach and UPN Teacher)
P2: Yudy Alfonso (Elementary Basic bachelor’s Student)
P1: David Téllez (Sports bachelor’s Student)
P3: Jesús Mayorga (Sports bachelor’s Student)
P7: Eduardo Tovar (Physics bachelor’s Student)
Officials, Professors and Graduates:
P1: Andrés Hernández (Chemistry B.S.)
P3: Camilo Barón (Sports bachelor’s Graduate and Teacher)
P4: Roland Useche (Financial Officer)
P5: Leonardo Fabio Martínez (Chemistry Teacher)
P7: Jhon Antonie Perez (Physical Plant Official)
According to our sports calendar, on November 4, they participated in the interuniversity mountain bike racing of the Universidad Militar Nueva Granada, held on the Cajicá campus, where they had the opportunity to compete against other universities, not only from the capital but from the whole department, obtaining great results. The race style was “Short track”, a short but very technical and demanding circuit, with very muddy terrains. The results are the following:
Expert Ladies:
P2: Natalia Duarte (Mountain Bike Team Coach and UPN Teacher)
Recreational ladies:
P2: Yudy Alfonso (Elementary Basic bachelor’s Student)
P10: Daniel Londoño (Chemistry bachelor’s Student)
P11: Eduardo Tovar (Physics bachelor’s Student)
Officials and Teachers:
P1: Roland Useche (Financial Official)
P3: Camilo Barón (Sports bachelor’s Graduate and Teacher)
P5: Hendrix Suarez (Systems Official)
P6: Leonardo Fabio Martínez (Chemistry Teacher)
P10: Jhon Antonie Perez (Physical Plant Official)
P13: Cristian Becerra (IPN Official)
P5: Andrés Hernández (Chemistry bachelor’s Graduate)
It is also remarkable the participation of the official Jhon Antonie Pérez in the XXII juegos deportivos nacionales SINTRAUNICOL (XXII SINTRAUNICOL National Sports Games), held on October in Girardot, Cundinamarca. He was runner-up in the Mountain Bike category and obtained the bronze medal in the Time Trial (road) category.

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